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Support A Great Cause For Less Than The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee Or A Donut!


Thank you for visiting BlackSpeaks, the Social Enterprise Project that provides unique resources for minority communities. Please support our cause by giving and/or participating. Our team manually reviews each directory listing by hand to ensure accuracy and exposure. By contributing, you help us build our technology infrastructure, reach more Black and Minority businesses, and keep external ads to a minimum. Giving is totally optional. We want your participation FIRST and your money LAST! But, anything you give is highly appreciated…

GIVE ::  Anything you give is appreciated:

Many sites charge hundreds of dollars per year to list in their directory. Most of our services are less than $100/year. At BlackSpeaks, we only ask that you give to help us continue to provide resources for minority businesses. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee or a donut at a local cafe! The minimum amount that we ask for is $5, but you can give whatever you like from the list below. Even if it’s a $1, your funding is appreciated! Mix and match your own combination today to give what you feel is the right amount. For example, add 1 set of $5 and three sets of $1 to gift $8 (5 + 3 = 8).

Note: BlackSpeaks is a Social Enterprise Project of the PharmPsych Network. All payments are processed by the PharmPsych Network.

 PARTICIPATE :: There are 3 other ways that you can participate:

  • Add the BlackSpeaks button to your website, and let people know about our resources! The button is shown below. The HTML code is next it. Adjust the width and height settings to suit your needs:

<a href=””><img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-13427″ src=”” alt=”” width=”145″ height=”130″ /></a>


Just insert this code into your site, and you will be helping to spread the word about BlackSpeaks!

  • Buy, use, or gift items from our BLACK SPEAKS STORE
  • Spread the word about the positive things that we are trying to do. Like us on Social Media and tell your friends!