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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my membership or subscription level? (IMAGE)

Go to Account ---> Dashboard ---> Membership ---> Change Membership Level

Navigating the Account Dashboard (IMAGE)

The account dashboard has several components:

  • Overview of your account
  • Media you uploaded to your account (e.g. videos, photos, files)
  • Your Membership status
  • Posts you've published (if you're a Contributor)
  • Comments you've made
  • Your public Wall
  • Add Listing Button (use to add Business, Coupon, and Event Listings)
  • Affiliate / Brand Ambassador Program Details
  • Courses we offer to members
  • My Faves (Your Bookmarks, Content Upvotes, and Ratings)
  • Business Listings
  • Coupon Listings
  • Event Listings
  • Your Friends
  • Your Groups

Depending on the configuration and layout of your Dashboard, you may have to click the "MORE" button to find additional links to the following

  • Order History
  • Support

Navigating the Account Dashboard (VIDEO)