Navigating the Employer Portal (IMAGE)

The Employer Portal has a lot of components to it. Let’s tackle each section one by one. Below is a screenshot of the Employer Portal in general.

The first part of the portal is the Control Panel. There are quick buttons on the Control Panel where you can add a job, view jobs you’ve posted in the past, and search resumes of applicants who have applied to your positions.

The second part of the portal is the “My Stuff” section. Here, you can view Companies you’ve posted jobs under, Departments, view Saved Searches, and keep an organized folder of Applicant files.

The third part of the portal is the Stats section. Here, you can view how many Job Listing Credits you have left, your Purchase History, and your Applicant stats. In order to post a job, you need to have listing credits. On average, most Employers can post 3 to 4 jobs with 100 listing credits (usually ~$100).

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