How can I change my membership or subscription level? (IMAGE)

Go to Account ---> Dashboard ---> Membership ---> Change Membership Level

How do I remove a bookmark? (IMAGE)

You can remove a bookmark at any point in time by clicking on the link to the bookmark under "My Faves ---> Bookmarks". Next, click on "UnBookmark" (grey button).

What is the purpose of using bookmarks?

Bookmarks are useful for keeping track of interesting listings on the website that you find. Just click on the "Bookmark" button in a listing and a link to the listing will be saved for you in your account under "My Faves".

How do I know if my job listing/posting got approved? (IMAGE)

If your job listing/posting was approved, you will get an alert in the notifications bar of your Employer Dashboard.

How can I delete my account? (IMAGE)

You can request deletion of your account at anytime by going to the following: Account ---> Dashboard ---> Click on Avatar Image ---> Click on Account Settings ---> Delete Account A Black Speaks Team member may contact you to...

How do I search the website? (IMAGE)

There are three ways to search the website: Click on the search icon at the top of the page, hovering directly to the right of the main menu Use the search bar on the right sidebar, located on most pages throughout the website Use the...

Do you have an Affiliate Program? (How can I become a Brand Ambassador? - IMAGE)

Yes, we have an Affiliate/Brand Ambassador Program. Please login ---> Account  ---> Dashboard ---> Affiliates Click on the Affiliates button on your Account Dashboard in order to fill out a Request to Join (Step 1) Once you...

Where can I view my full billing and purchase history?

Login to the website and click on "Account" ---> Orders ---> Orders. You must have an account in order to purchase an item on the website.

How To Create a Job Listing (IMAGE)

In order to create a job listing, you first have to purchase credits. The jobs marketplace operates according to a credits system, similar to a laundromat or arcade. There are 3 ways to purchase credit: Searching the Black Speaks Store for...

How To Create an Events Listing (IMAGE)

Create an Events listing by clicking on the "Add Listing" button ---> "Click Here to Add A New Listing"

How To Create a Coupon Listing (IMAGE)

Create a Coupon listing by clicking on the "Add Listing" button ---> "Click Here to Add A New Listing"

How To Create a Business Directory Listing (IMAGE)

Create a Business Directory listing by clicking on the "Add Listing" button ---> "Click Here to Add A New Listing"

Navigating the Account Dashboard (IMAGE)

The account dashboard has several components: Overview of your account Media you uploaded to your account (e.g. videos, photos, files) Your Membership status Posts you've published (if you're a Contributor) Comments you've made ...

Navigating the Employer Portal (IMAGE)

The Employer Portal has a lot of components to it. Let's tackle each section one by one. Below is a screenshot of the Employer Portal in general. The first part of the portal is the Control Panel. There are quick buttons on the Control...

Navigating the Job Seeker Portal (IMAGE)

Note: In order to get to the Job Seeker Portal you must be logged in. The portal is not visible to logged out users. Click on Jobs ---> For Jobseekers This can be found on the main menu. If this is your first time visiting the Job...